Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Silence is Broken

Ahhhh, Summertime, you have to love it when the sun casts its rays late into the evening. It has been a while since I have done anything “organized” on the bike. I had a great early season, ramped up my fitness and then let it drop in late spring.

However, now my inner bike chi has come alive again. It is striking out amongst the masses of my neurons hoping to fire a response to my legs for more pedal power. Its really just a mental game after all right?

Its that time of the year when you envy the Tour Divide and Great Divide racers, I mean, how am I expected to get work done when I don’t know who will make it to Mexico first? I must admit that no matter how foreign the concept of “bike touring” is to me, its lustful allure embodies all that is freedom in a country that is pinned down by politics, natural resources and heaven forbid cars. They are all sucking the blood from the Earth I tell you. (You should sense a small amount of sarcasm in that last sentence even if it is slightly true)

One person that I have followed in particular this year is Geoff. I read about his adventures of qualifying for the Western States and then saying, ahhh f*ck it, I would rather ride my bike a measly 800+ miles from Utah to go bike touring across the Great Divide than run in the Western States. I think that says a lot for the temptation this “race” brings to the forefront.

Hopefully by the grace of all that is good on this evil planet, this “race” will stay grassroots. I love grassroots. (I do understand that these races are already pushing the limits of “grass roots.” Do you think I will have to qualify every one of my sentences with parenthesis before this post is over?)

That leads me to my point here in this rambling moment that I will call writing. This weekend is the Enduro De Ocho. Yes, this is an event to showcase what it is to be free. An event where you pay for “your” beer, ride and in return you receive nothing but a bunch of bike love.

Let’s hear it for the mountain bike lovers out there. I am looking forward to a weekend full of nothing but bikes and people who love bikes. Since Mr. Jut has already told us to break rule number 1, I am letting the masses know. If you think you have “the love” and you are willing to give up a weekend for it, go sign up because otherwise, you’ll never know what you missed.


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