Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Flailing

Starting from the Black Mountain Parking lot, Joe and I made an unorthodox loop around the Ranger District since in his words “I need to get some climbing in.”

Sycamore Cove -> Thrift Cove -> Black Mountain -> Buckhorn Gap -> S. Mills River -> Squirrel Gap -> Horse Cove -> 5018 -> 476 -> 1206 -> Pilot Mountain Road -> Slate/Pilot -> Pilot Cove -> 1206 -> 476 -> S. Mills River -> Buckhorn -> Clawhammer -> 477 -> 276

I am not sure how far or how much elevation but I seem to be trending this year on my rides. I like to not drink enough, not eat enough and dig some really big holes.
With Cohutta Big Frog 65 coming up this weekend and PMBAR the following weekend, I am really hoping to break this trend. We will see.

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