Thursday, August 06, 2009

WNDC - Gives Back

Thanks to Clay for the pictures.

WNDC - involved some quick rock armoring on the steep rutted section of corn mill shoals inbetween Shoals and Laurel Ridge right before the rock wall ride.

Had my first STANS flat in awhile. The sidewall just above the bead was torn enough to justify a tube. Twelve minute flat change according to Clay's timer, not bad for a slacker like myself.

To the trail work:

Mine Mountain -> Laurel Ridge -> Corn Mill Shoals

After hefting some one person, two person and even a three person rock we armored quickly and were on our way.

After Work:

Corn Mill Shoals -> Shoals -> Laurel Ridge -> Airstrip -> Shelter Rock -> Corn Mill Shoals -> Laurel Ridge -> Fawn Lake

We saw Woody again coming down Airstrip, he was out with the leaf blower drying the trails, now that's dedication!!

I can deal with rock armoring when it is a party of three. The de-berming done last week helped with the after rain puddles but there is still some cleanup work to be done.

Don't forget about another work day this Saturday at Dupont.

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brado1 said...

thanks for giving! i was planning on going, and got sidetracked with the kid, we ended up at Cleveland Park instead