Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brissy Did You Miss Me?

After reading Thad’s blog yesterday, I was in a conundrum. How could I possibly justify not wearing wool socks?

On my way home from work yesterday, I picked up Kristin’s birthday present which was the same bike she already owns with new shifty bits and a new seat post clamp. She may not have fat tires yet but at least she can now shift and maintain a level seat.

I quickly threw my stuff together and started pounding the pavement to get to Paris. I realized right away that I had completely forgotten the fact that I had flatted this past Sunday very near the end of the ride. So my tire was still on crooked without the bead set. I turned around and went back to the house so I could fix things with the floor pump. I knew that the Nevegal that I have up front was wearing thin but it was looking real bad even with a tube. Oh well, no time for crying over sidewalls.

It took a little longer to get to the base of the climb as I had swapped the 19 in the back for a 22 this past Sunday. All the roadies were out haunting up and down Altamont and I saw more bikers headed up and down than I did cars. Its too bad for those roadies as I was headed up to get some dust in my eyes in place of the exhaust.

I made it to the top in time and was rewarded with riding one of the new trails UpState SORBA has worked on in conjunction with contractors. On my way down to the lake I just wasn’t feeling the trail at all and got stuck on a bad outside line headed for a tree. I had to bail and thought I was going to pull out a standing bail until my feet got tangled and I went down. Immediately I heard voices, so I popped up real fast and watched six guys pass me headed back up. One said “you all right?” I responded “Yes, don’t worry I was completely under control.”

After completing a lake loop I just had to go down the bottom of Brissy. I had heard her mocking me when I went by earlier in the ride. The trail was sticking nicely and I was starting to feel the ebbs and flows again.

I felt pretty sluggish up the road back to Firetower but then once I was back on the dirt it felt like I was flying up Firetower. I think that gear just pushes the Firetower grade perfectly.

After flying back Down Altamont, I was preparing to cross 25 when I saw the light turn green. I took off and too my horror I saw that I had to pass right in front of a Semi who's engine was pouring smoke out of the hood. This guy was sitting at the red light waiting to keep on truckin’ down 25. If that wasn’t enough, as I was spinning furiously through the light just praying the engine didn’t blow up in my face, I glanced at the container, he was carrying gas.

I have a vivid imagination and as I passed through the light I envisioned the engine blowing causing the gas to ignite inside the container. In my mind the now ensuing explosion sends me flying through oncoming traffic’s windshields only to be spit out the back windshield in a flaming pile of rubble and glass.

Luckily none of that happened and I just went through the light and ventured my way home via the Swamp Rabbit Trail.



Anonymous said...

So . . . that was your skid mark . . . ??? Looked liked someone was having "too much fun!"


cornfed said...

Glad you didn't become a flamer, er... a big flaming ball, um... yeah.

But were you wearing wool?

Palmetto Solo said...

So blowing through the red light just like a damn roadie. What kind of an example are you trying to set for yourself and others on a Surly KM SS.

ExtrmTao said...

PS, I think some of that rocky mountain tick disease is still effecting your brain. I was passing through the green light while the semi waited at the red. . .

Robert said...

weather is shite up north, heading south starting saturday (drive day) and hoping to make asheville the first stop...then on to Chatty/OWWC/Cohutta Preride/Bear Creek/Elijay/back through Dupont...who knows...up in the air..can you convince me that SC is worth the border crossing? does northern craft brew get me a riding buddy and a place to stay?